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Rants and Raves | March 17, 2021

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves

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Regarding masking and businesses – I have been told by more than one business owner here that they support masking but they are fearful of “retaliation.” Vandalizing a business because you don’t like masking is criminal, and those who do so are thugs, not patriots!

Miles to face recall election – The money wasted on Coffman’s recall election could have gone to the fire department to increase staffing or improve equipment. Can you ever have enough of those little oxygen masks to put on pets exposed to smoke? I think not.

I use my ID to get a job, go to the doctor, pick up a prescription, get a bank loan, etc. So tell me how requiring an ID to vote is voter suppression? Oh, I know, it’s so you liberals can get unauthorized people to vote.

Biden aims for quicker shots, independence from the virus - How’s Slow Joe getting independence from the virus with wide-open borders and hundreds of illegals with corona being bused around the country? He got the stats wrong, also. Counting all, more died in WWI, WWII, etc. than corona. Spanish flu 675,000.

Biden aims for quicker shots, independence from the virus - What a lousy story. You put Trump down; Biden never even mentions the real president who pushed through getting the vaccines in a miraculously short period of time. No credit at all for President Trump. Pathetic.

Biden aims for quicker shots, independence from the virus - Whoever wrote Biden’s comments, they were filled with lies; took credit for a million vaccinations a day – Trump was already doing 1.3 million a day. His breathy voice was creepy; said the same thing over and over; very dark, boring.

Mohave County logs 4 more deaths and 97 new cases of COVID-19 – As the CDC warned, we are not out of the woods yet with COVID-19. This is no time for a victory lap. Cases and deaths are increasing. Please, be a patriot and decent human being. Mask, distance, hands.

Arizona Republican chair sued over election – Kelli Ward has spread conspiracy theories about not only the election, but COVID-19. She is an embarrassment to her party and her state. She should resign.

Michael Reagan column: Oprah hugs the royal whiners – It takes one to know one! And I don’t know a bigger whiner and cry baby than Michael Reagan. He whines like a rusty screen door about every scrap of decency and compassion, and every progressive effort.

Republicans supported Trump’s 36% increase in deficit during his presidency with massive tax cuts for wealthy. Now, helping out Americans, Republicans bring up the deficit. Republicans can return stimulus checks then.

Only one president in memory has done all and more than promised – Donald Trump. On Hidin’ Biden, who knows, he rarely stuck his head out but in 50 days he has been able to nearly destroy our country.

Regarding concerns that asylum seekers bring COVID-19 – Due to the nature of COVID-19 and emerging variants, it’s important to understand COVID-19 does not respect borders! In Mexico or any country, it can travel. What can we do? Vaccinate everyone, everywhere! When all are safe, all are safe!

I am a fairly staunch Christian conservative who’s always identified as Republican. But, I do not believe in deliberately misleading voters, voter suppression or sedition. My moral compass is confused.

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