Rants and Raves | March 19, 2021

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Why does everything have to be so negative? Why can’t we do away with the two-party system and all be independent? Why be forced to follow a party line? It has always been somewhat divisive but has gotten worse since Trump.

No recall for Jen Miles – Hooray. The tax-paying citizens of Kingman don’t have to pay for this ridiculous recall election. It’s a good day!

Kingman is the most overly policed city I’ve ever lived in. How can a city of less than 30,000 afford the countless city police, sheriff deputies, troopers and assorted other unmarked SWAT-type vehicles. Absolutely mind boggling.

I used my driver’s license to get a voter’s registration card. Why can’t I just send a copy of that? With identity theft as it is what would the county do with all our driver’s license copies. Let’s opt out.

Mohave County, Kingman reap millions in virus relief – Buster Johnson, why don’t you take the ridiculous money and fix the roads, and give a raise to law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs? Why not send a gift card to every medical person in the county? Try gratitude, Buster.

Mayorkas rejects border crisis – My family lives in the middle of it; it is a terrible crisis. Trump didn’t rip families apart. When adults have to be jailed, we don’t put their children in with them. Duh! Cruelty is unaccompanied children, some under age 5.

In response to the rant of staunch Republican Christian with confused moral compass – I’m not a conservative or evangelical but I have morals and my compass was/is confused. Apparently Trump, his cronies, along with most politicians, are amoral people. They don’t have to adhere to morality to keep their jobs like we peasants do.

Are you Biden voters happy with open borders, and rising gas and food prices? The communists running the country aren’t done yet. The elites won’t suffer; you and I will.

Rants regarding President Biden – Sad that those who supported Trump won’t support President Biden as he tries to put this country back on track! At least, you could not lie and spread misinformation to criticize someone who is finally trying to help us!

Mohave County, Kingman reap millions in virus relief – It’s no surprise to me that Mayor Jen Miles has a solid plan to use Kingman relief to benefit the people! Yes, Chairman Johnson, there are strings attached. And your problem is?

Survivors struggle as scientists race to solve COVID mystery – The battle with COVID-19 is not over, and for many it may never be. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines and medical best-practices to stem the tide of this disease. It’s not time to celebrate yet.

GOP must pay $18,000 for groundless election suit – The key word here is groundless. And it was! It’s a good idea to make anyone putting forth false legal battles based on conspiracy lies and misinformation pay the price!

How could it be voter suppression just to show an ID to vote? You show an ID to cash a check, go to the doctor, go to the bank, etc. There is no suppression to actual Americans.

Thank you, Kingman Regional Medical Center, for the COVID vaccination program. It works very well, efficient, no long waits and everyone is very helpful.

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