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Wed, Jan. 26

Community View | Political theater is in the eye of the beholder

Mayor Miles, a recall is political theater you say?

Let me help you with our motivation and true examples of political theater.

Political theater is when a mayor issues a 72-hour emergency proclamation and then when it expires, not only does she refuse to abide by the law and take it to her council for a vote, which is mandatory and clearly stated in city statutes, but ignores all of it and reissues that illegal, expired proclamation two more times.

Political theater is unethically holding Kingman hostage, destroying people’s rights and businesses under the color of law, and arrogantly continuing with abuse of power well after she is continually notified that what she is doing is illegal.

Political theater is having the city attorney announce that the mayor has superpowers, that she can do as she pleases because she is above the law, and that all is OK because the city attorney thankfully also has superpowers and is in the midst of changing Kingman ordinances to line up with her tyranny.

You can’t exactly call it political theater that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich agreed with us and had to force you to do the right thing, with of course no apologies from you.

We engaged in a recall because of the above. You may call it political theater; we call it free citizens of Kingman and of America that believe in our God-given, inalienable rights so much that we are willing to fight for them.

A technicality does not change any of the above, and a technicality certainly does not change how an enormous amount of citizens view you now.

We are proud that we exposed as much as we did. Politicians rely on most of the population being asleep and going along with what is regurgitated to them. But some of us are not built that way. We are just warming up.

(Bridget Langston is a Kingman resident.)

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