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Rants and Raves | March 21, 2021

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves

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Republicans seize on immigration as border crossings surge – Getting tired of Republican lies and fear-mongering about the border, and their blatant lies about the administration’s actions. No one has said “come on down, you’re the next contestant.” Stop printing lies, like the election was fraud.

Republicans seize on immigration as border crossings surge – Republicans seized on immigration problem? Wrong, AP’s Jill Colvin, Trump hater who said Trump smiled slyly. Republicans are for the law (illegally crossing is still illegal).

Mohave County, Kingman reap millions of dollars in virus relief – Maybe the city could use some of their money to fix the roads that are falling apart in Kingman.

Police: Georgia shooting suspect may have ‘sexual addiction’ – Is that an excuse for killing people now? Or just an excuse for killing Asian women? Or for killing massage workers? Any way you look at this, this is a hate crime! Against Asians, or women!

COVID-19 improvements continue in Mohave County – We are not ready for the victory celebration, yet. Please continue best practices until we have a majority of the residents vaccinated. People are still dying and getting the virus. For seniors, death is way worse than loneliness.

Miles recall election nixed due to improper procedures – Let’s hope this nonsense is finally over. The recall has always seemed to have been brought about by bitter political wannabes with hateful agendas and mass condemnation for anyone who disagrees with their vengeful, conspiracy-fueled political views.

COVID-19 claims lives of 3 more Mohave County residents – With a number of variants identified that we know little about, and unfortunately, a significant group of misinformed anti-maskers determined to keep this killer virus and its variants circulating, I hope county residents will continue to mask and distance themselves.

Miles recall election nixed due to improper procedures – Thank goodness! When will Langston and Coffman and their band of whiners get the message that most people here wanted the mask mandate, and it is not their God-given right to spread life-threatening disease! Justice has been done.

Mohave County libraries to fully reopen despite staff concerns – These county supervisors are something else. Why can’t they vaccinate the staff before reopening completely?

Speaker urges Conservative Republican Club members to help free Arizona from face masks – Yes, to Conservative Republican speakers. Arizona Stands United talked about preserving our freedoms and how to protect our rights. Sheriff Lamb spoke on dangers of the open southern border and sex trafficking, and encouraged support of law and order. Real American issues!

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