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Sat, Aug. 13

Community View | Let Joe and Nancy take the migrants

As I listened to crazy Nancy Pelosi yesterday extol the virtues of Biden’s new, humane border policy as opposed to horrible Donald Trump, I laughed but wanted to cry. It occurred to me, perhaps busloads of illegal migrants dropped off with tents at Pelosi’s palatial palace in Frisco, or perhaps one of Biden’s big east coast homes, might change their thinking.

Arizona Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels was on the “Justice With Jeanine” TV show filmed at the border. With 6,300 square miles of land, 83 of the miles being with Mexico, Dannels explained in Cochise County, it‘s all about cartels. In fact, Joe Biden is considered the greatest gift ever bestowed on the cartels.

Besides the terrible damage to unaccompanied children, we must remember this Biden policy enriches and empowers these cartels, most of whom are transnational barbarian criminal syndicates that link up with Chinese fentanyl exporters and even international terrorists like Hezbollah. Recently, a Border Patrol agent said he’s never seen this amount of fentanyl coming over before Biden’s 100-day ”y’all come on over” policy. How many American teenagers will die from that fentanyl I have to wonder. And of course, that’s not even considering up to 30% of those coming also have the coronavirus, and are simply put on buses and brought on into our land.

Sheriff Dannels elaborated on the violent Sinaloa Cartel in his area saying Biden’s “hastily done on his first day” orders have left the unfinished wall with all of the materials to finish sitting there, and one person to guard them. Since the wall was pre-paid and will not get built, it’s a complete waste of time and money.

Nice going, Joe. Other people’s money doesn’t seem to bother Biden. But also, this Biden policy cuts funds from Cochise County law enforcement. More people and cartels coming, less money to handle it. The drug cartel business is a $500 billion a year business; larger than Walmart.

Having lived in El Paso 35 years, I recall years back, sitting in my car on the big bridge back into the U. S. coming from the Juarez, Mexico market. You often are at a standstill, waiting hours in the traffic, and I noticed a young man in the passenger side of the car next to me. Something about him seemed strange. The booth agents next to me noticed also and ran towards the car as the driver jumped out and ran back into Juarez.

I later learned the young teenager had been killed, gutted and filled with bags of cocaine. He was some woman’s son. One of many sick stories of drugs on the border and that doesn’t even include the sexual violence against young women and children, especially those in the caravans.

This Biden plan is a horror story and it’s only beginning. God help us all.

(Linda Athens is a resident of Kingman.)

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