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Rants and Raves March 28, 2021

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves

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Officials warn of bad 2021 wildfire season – My neighborhood has areas overgrown with weeds. Two people in vicinity with health problems that would make it hard for them to help themselves. Was reported to fire department last year. Nothing done. Need help.

Jay Fleming community view: Put an end to pot prejudice – Yes, please! Recreational marijuana was passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Arizona. Let’s have law enforcement and local officials respect the will of the people.

Jay Fleming community view: Put an end to pot prejudice – Yeah, Jay. That’s just what we need. Officers stoned on pot. You know, people can actually live without alcohol or pot, either one. I do. How about trying God and church instead? You may find Him more powerful than both.

COVID-19 kills 3 Mohave County residents – People are still dying, and the virus is still quite active here in Mohave County. This is not the time to be cavalier about masking and distancing. And please, get your vaccination as soon as you can.

Stanfield Major community view: Study the candidates, and vote your core values – And I did, as did 65 million others whose core beliefs are Trump’s core beliefs. Abortions are murder, get out of worthless Middle East wars, put people back to work, close our borders, lower taxes, worship God, America first.

AZ GOP bill would limit civilian members of police review boards – That is like letting the fox guard the hen house! The purpose of review boards is to protect the integrity of, in this case, policing. This is an attempt for law enforcement to have even less transparency when there are abuses.

Colorado shooting suspect given to rages and delusions – This is why we should be supporting legislation to keep weapons out of the hands of mentally and emotionally ill individuals and criminals. Red flag laws and responsible regulation can save lives and still be respectful of Second Amendment rights.

House panel OKs tighter sex education rules – Who decided children needed sex taught by the school system? We have parents for that. Thank you Nancy Barto. God made a man and woman to marry – each other. You are what you are born; a man or a woman. Real simple.

Elections have consequences. Hotel rooms for illegal immigrants but our citizens remain homeless on the streets.

Governor Ducey lifts mask mandates, reopens bars – This order by the governor displays a reckless and cavalier approach to COVID-19 that may cause another surge, or worse, cause a new variant resistant to vaccine to emerge. It represents total disregard for the lives and safety of Arizonans.

Kingman beautification – The only thing wrong with Kingman is garbage and weeds. Burn the weeds and the garbage will burn at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone. Where they have mowed it looks great!

Kingman Unified School District to hire communications manager, start in-house newspaper – KUSD wants to use $50,000 for an in-house newsletter? How does this help the students or attract quality employees? Put that money to better use, please. Our kids deserve better.

Are you Biden voters happy with open borders, and rising gas and food prices? The communists running the country aren’t done yet. The elites won’t suffer; you and I will.

Georgia governor Kemp signs election bill amid outcry – The Georgia bill is the most blatant attempt at voter suppression yet! It is clear that the GOP did not have their candidate win, so they want to rig the system, for real, by making it more difficult to vote.

How could it be voter suppression just to show an ID to vote? You show an ID to cash a check, go to the doctor, go to the bank, etc. There is no suppression to actual Americans.

Local kids in sports – Great stories on the local baseball players getting the opportunity to go to the next level. Congratulations.

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