Rants and Raves | March 31, 2021

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My vaccination experience at KRMC Santa Rosa campus was wonderful. It was so efficient and well done. I especially enjoyed a chat with the lovely lady who takes temperatures when you walk in the door. Thank you for excellence.

Gov. Ducey lifts mask mandates, reopens bars – Citizens choosing to continue wearing a mask in public shouldn’t be harassed by anti-maskers attempting to shame and denigrate them. What difference does it make to them if I’m more comfortable wearing a mask right now. Get a life!

Bridget Langston community view: Political theater is in the eye of the beholder – Bridget Langston needs to contact the FBI Public Fraud Unit with proof of the actions of the mayor.

Andy Worth letter: The border is not open – I, the letter writer you reference, don’t Google. My information comes from border patrol agents I know in El Paso, nine of my children and grandchildren who live on the border, and cousins in the Yuma sector. First-hand information.

Andy Worth letter: The border is not open – Thank you, Andy. It is true that claiming that the border is open is a false claim aimed at creating fear. And the target is desperate immigrants and a president acting with some compassion.

Michael Pacer letter: The police cannot defend you – So why do we have cops at all? Just issue everyone a gun and may the best shot win. Is that really the society we want? Tougher controls on who is allowed guns and liability for gun manufacturers would help.

Michael Pacer letter: The police cannot defend you – Agreed! And more women than ever are carrying. Don’t forget, if you legally have a gun in your purse, you can shoot right through the purse if attacked. Just a little reminder given me by an 80-year-old woman.

Gov. Ducey lifts mask mandates, reopens bars – Thank you, Gov. Ducey, for lifting the mask mandate. We have been prisoners long enough. The virus has caused more damage to families as a result of business closures and reduced capacities than the actual illness.

Rant stating Mayor Miles deserves a recall – Mayor Miles was elected by the people to serve and protect Kingman citizens. The mask mandate was to save lives, CDC guidance/science! She has done everything right in regard to the pandemic. Drags tearing up Route 66, not so much.

Bill by Kingman Rep. Regina Cobb will make online dating safer – A two-year fight to make online dating safer? Some of us have had a one-year fight to stay alive while Rep. Cobb denied the crisis and the best practices we needed to use to curb the coronavirus. Priorities?

Take a drive through Birdland and see the trash and abandoned buildings and vehicles. Disgraceful. Someone needs to take action to remedy this disgusting situation.

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