Rants and Raves | May 2, 2021

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Miner’s Wednesday, April 28 political cartoon – Extinction Dodo/Dodo 2 is one of the best statements I’ve seen as of late. Could not agree more. Please get vaccinated for the good of us all; they are safe and effective.

Water Rate Hike? A water rate increase for City of Kingman customers could be in the offing – Stop approving the almond farmers by the airport to cultivate more and more acreage That crop sucks water and they are sucking our water wells and reserves dry. Raise their rates, not ours! We don’t need rich California almond farmers.

Water Rate Hike? A water rate increase for City of Kingman customers could be in the offing – Why does the city keep letting builders put up new homes? What will happen when there is no more water to sustain all these homes? The builders will take their money and leave town for greener pastures.

Biden speech: America’s democracy “is rising anew” – For the first time in U.S. history two women sat behind the President of the United States. One is the vice president and the other is the House speaker. What a wonderful historical moment. It’s about time.

Biden speech: America’s democracy “is rising anew” – Biden’s joint address: A hollow performance by a hollow performer with undertones of imminent disaster.

Biden speech: America’s democracy “is rising anew” – Really? Putting us in the worst debt in history; letting the wealthiest (you know, the job creators) pay for this needless crap is “rising anew?” This man is sick; acted like a kid handing out his own candy to everyone.

Biden speech: America’s democracy “is rising anew” – Biden referred to Jan. 6 as worst day in our history? I was thinking more 9-11, Shanksville, bombing of Pearl Harbor. Government-funded kindergarten for 3- and 4-year-olds? Why not home with Mom?

Mohave County Supervisors approve resolution asking Gov. Ducey to intervene at the border – I wonder what America would look like today if the Indians had built border walls.

Thank you, (former) President Trump, for getting a jump on the vaccines. If left up to the current man in charge it would not have happened so quickly. Just look at how he is handling the border!

I’m so sick of seeing the Trump/Pence flags flying around town. The election is over. Act like mature adults and move on.

Carl Golden column: Liz Cheney for president? – We can only hope! We are currently stuck in a quagmire of massive proportions due to false truth promoters. Liz Cheney is a breath of fresh air and I will believe in our system again if she becomes president.

Republicans are going after Liz Cheney for fist bumping Biden. I guess you can’t be courteous and civil if you’re in the opposite political party.

Michael Reagan column: Dems see racism everywhere it isn’t – The real racists are the left and the Democrat Party. Dare to be proud of what our white founders gave us and you are automatically a racist. They gave us the greatest country on Earth; first and only country to die against slavery.

Bishops may press Biden to stop taking communion – The president is responsible to all the people, not just Catholics. The founding fathers were careful to establish no state religion. We would do well to respect that. So should the Catholic Church.

For the first time since 1933 when FDR was president the S&P 500 has been higher in the first 100 days of a presidency. Biden’s doing a great job considering he inherited the worst economic downfall since the Depression.

Arizona bills limiting civilian oversight of police advances – Arizona Republican lawmakers are advancing bills that would limit civilians being placed on police review boards. This doesn’t help for police reform or transparency issues.

The Hamburglar: How a false story about limiting meat fell apart – Not so fast! September 2019, Kamala spoke on reducing red meat to address climate change. The truth is always in the details. The left will take our freedom of choice – what we eat, drive, heat with – as their goal is complete control.

Only the top 1% of Americans would be paying for Biden’s infrastructure plan. It’s about time. The middle class and low income have been footing the bill for far too long.

Rudy Giuliani defiant a day after FBI raid of home, office – Another one of Trump’s henchman, Rudy Giuliani, is under FBI investigation. It appears a lot of Trump’s close allies have engaged in unethical and criminal behavior, including Rep. Matt Gaetz.

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