Rants and Raves | May 5, 2021

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COVID-19 claims four more Mohave County residents – As long as some believe ridiculous conspiracy theories and refuse to do their part and get vaccinated we will continue to sacrifice lives on the alter of ignorance! And we will not get this killer virus eradicated. It’s an American tragedy.

Carol Turney letter: Thanks for the memories, Kingman – I am so grateful for you, Carol, and your family for all you have done for us. Best wishes on your new adventure.

Carol Turney letter: Thanks for the memories, Kingman – Thousands hold similar sentiments, but many bend to the local mindset of “You certainly wouldn’t want your children to settle here!” I always encourage young people to choose generous and beautiful Kingman, and am discouraged by the hypocritical “brain drain.”

Mohave County Fairgrounds – I think it’s an eyesore on Motor Avenue to see those concrete things piled there in the fairgrounds.

Flag Fire update: Pine Lake residents can return home – We owe the tireless firefighters who worked for days to save all of our homes in the Hualapai Mountains a huge thank you! These people left their homes and families to ensure that our families stayed safe.

Pavement preservation projects to start in Kingman in May – I’m glad the City of Kingman is conducting roadway projects. Now how about getting the striping done downtown on Beale Street, before traffic at huge events next weekend results in accidents?

I’m a big white dude with a beard. Good ole American boy. I wish I belonged with the ignorant fools that look like me. Unfortunately, my education and IQ make it hard to make friends around here. Aw, shucks!

Biden speech: America’s democracy “is rising anew” – Beware of government that gives free stuff and promises of a better life as you will come under control of that government. Remember Hitler prior to WW II? Are we going down that road?

Bishops may press Biden to stop taking Communion – Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? It’s part of our Constitution but it appears forgotten or ignored.

Matt Gaetz is right off the Trump block – a rich little boy who never had to be held accountable.

Biden speech: America’s democracy “is rising anew” – Why is it that Republicans only worry about the national debt during Democrat administrations? Not one Republican commented in the Miner about the large increases during the Trump administration. We have a spending problem regardless of the party in power.

Keep in mind your favorite talking head’s (whether on Fox or CNN) number one objective is to get you to sit through the commercials so they can maintain their multi-millionaire elite status. You’re just a tool for the elites.

Rudy Giuliani defiant a day after FBI raid of home, office – Referring to Giuliani in terms of “criminal” here? The man who got criminals out of New York City? I think they’re confusing him with Joe. Joe’s brother and Hunter Biden have both gone free. Hunter’s now teaching a college course. Ha, ha, ha.

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