Rants and Raves | May 12, 2021

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Mohave County manager gets 15% raise – I can’t be the only one who thinks this is excessive during a time when many have lost their jobs or gotten no raise.

Mohave County manager gets 15% raise – So we can see where the COVID cash is going into the pockets of stuff shirts who do zero for the county while workers get 5% raise for working their butts off.

Arizona Senate assures feds election recount is secure – I used to be proud of living in Arizona. Now the Republican Party is placing a giant stain on our democracy by chasing the Big Lie and also feeding more lies on the COVID vaccines. Not so proud anymore.

Arizona Senate assures feds election recount is secure – GOP hired Cyber Ninjas with zero experience in election audits to continue this fake sham. GOP has sunk down so low it’s pathetic.

Arizona Senate assures feds election recount is secure – Really? Funded with private money and conducted by a company owned by a Trump supporter who endorsed the Big Lie that the election was stolen? This is a gift to Putin and every dictator, worldwide, that claims democracy doesn’t work.

Arizona bill banning ‘biased’ topics in schools advances – This is BS. Our children will never learn the true history of our country; just the canned Disney effect that has been taught the last 100 years.

Arizona bill banning ‘biased’ topics in schools advances – Thank you, Rep Michelle Udall. Thank God someone is aware and fighting back against this garbage in our schools. Far left critical race theory is one of the many lies destroying our children. I will never apologize for being white.

Black America’s ‘attorney general’ is everywhere – Ben Crump is a total fraud; only interested in lining his own pockets. Most of these cases skin color was not even mentioned until the left started deciding it was all about being black, which it isn’t. More leftist lies.

Woods is out as Mohave County Fairgrounds manager - I think you need to give a reason as to why you let people go. Was he ever properly trained for his position or was it just thrust on him.

Mothers are now to be called “birthing persons!” Keep it up, Dems. The cliff you are about to fall off of is just ahead of you!

Red meat politics: GOP turns culture war into a food fight - Climate change, a total fraud, and the push against meat is far along already with plant-based burgers sold at drive-thrus. Likewise, the push for man-made diamonds rather than Africa-mined diamonds is also on. Mind-numbed robots.

Kingman Council to hold street maintenance workshop – The city must spend $5 million a year (up from $864,000). Where’s the money come from? In the next budget start by fully funding road repair. Then fully fund services such as police and fire. Lastly, allocate remaining funds to internal purposes.

“We are now a country of only two political parties, patriots and traitors.” Ulysses S. Grant said that in 1861, and it applies again today.

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