Rants and Raves | May 14, 2021

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Fund roads first rant – Fund roads first and then fund police and fire? OK. I’m sure you’ll be back on here ranting when you need police and/or fire services and they can’t get there due to a lack of personnel.

Arizona GOP passes election bill opposed by big businesses – This bill is opposed because it is clearly a voter suppression tactic. The GOP did not win, so they are changing the rules to make it harder to vote. They think they can’t win when everyone eligible votes.

Right treatment, right road, right time – Why does the city need a consultant to tell them that the streets are falling apart? That money could be used for repairs and maintenance instead of an expensive consultant.

Steve Robinson accused of DUI – Why in the world would the Miner print a story about Steve Robinson being accused of a DUI? How pathetic. Is it customary to publish DUIs? Where are the rest of the people arrested on a daily basis?

Steve Robinson accused of DUI – Was this long, every blow, story really necessary? How about some on Joe Biden’s son breaking laws, or the out-of-control border Biden and Harris won’t look at?

Steve Robinson accused of DUI – Hilarious! This is what it’s come to – brother against brother. That’s your idol Donald Trump’s doing. His specialty is division and chaos. What a fine example he sets for young Republicans.

Migrant children in mass shelters have little oversight – This was not a worry when Trump was in office and these children had no hope of ever being able to apply for asylum or see their parents again! These children are now being processed quickly and treated humanely.

Migrant children in mass shelters have little oversight – The real question? Why is the care of thousands of illegal, unaccompanied children, some as young as 3, even our problem? This is Biden insanity. Where are the parents? We need to march in the streets.

To all the right-wing California haters. How does a failed commie state end up with a $75 billion budget surplus? Meanwhile, Arizona right-wingers are trying to destroy democracy with another sham recount.

Gone too far – National Geographic Channel: And entering now is the birthing bear with “its” cubs; the non-birthing bear is following a bit too closely which the birthing bear seems to detect ...

Arizona bill banning ‘biased’ topics in schools advances – Trumplicans would rewrite history so students learn about how the awesome white elites civilized the natives, did the Africans a service by bringing them to the greatest nation ever, and how patriots stormed the Capitol to save democracy in 2021.

Gas stations report shortages as pipeline shutdown drags on – Glimpses of America under Biden – gas mess; humans suffering on both sides at border under Joe’s disastrous policy (y’all come on over) including drug cartels flourishing; Middle East flareups as Joe doesn’t support Israel. Biden and friends equals disaster to America.

McConnell leads GOP in attack on voting rights bill – What is more constitutional than assuring that as many eligible people who want to vote can vote? But not to Mitch and company. Sore losers, indeed! This bill simply provides protections for voter rights, and safeguards our democracy.

Biden and his bunch have done everything possible to divide the American people and destroy our economy. How can such travesties be perpetrated against our country without a word of dissent by the Dems? Are they ALL traitors?

Dems call every move to secure election integrity “racist.” Do they believe people of color are so irresponsible they can’t register to vote or obtain a free ID? It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations, or maybe just a smoke screen.

House Republicans ousted conservative Republican Liz Cheney because she won’t go along with Trump’s Big Lie. The GOP is no longer the Grand Old Party. Lincoln is rolling over in his grave with shame.

Biden’s speech – PINO (president in name only) Biden, with eyes glued on the teleprompter, told us how and where to get COVID shots. Bravo PINO! With the country falling apart, you do your peons’ work while your peons do yours!

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy came out after the attack on the Capitol blaming Trump. Then in the following weeks he made a complete turnaround. Now he’s trying to rewrite what Americans and the world saw that day. It’s repulsive.

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