Rants and Raves | May 16, 2021

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Vaccinated can largely ditch masks – It was so wonderful to finally go out to local businesses after a year. People all had masks on and there were social distancing footprints for waiting lines. I will return to these businesses.

Vaccinated can largely ditch masks – I got mine! Patriots all around the country got theirs! And we are just fine; Imagine that. Proud to do our part! And grateful to President Biden, who got the vaccines rolled out quickly for all of us!

Vaccinated can largely ditch masks

Arizona eyes Mississippi River to augment Colorado River supply – Diverting Mississippi River overflow to the Colorado River is an idea long overdue. My dad suggested this to the Army Corps of Engineers 30 years ago. Helps everyone and harms no one while providing lots of pipeline jobs.

Arizona eyes Mississippi River to augment Colorado River supply – Really? And then when the Mississippi is also dry, what then?? What the Southwest and Country need is elected officials to take Climate Change seriously and Act NOW! Without that occurring, the Southwest will go back to a desolate desert!

Arizona eyes Mississippi River to augment water supplies

Bye, bye Matt Gaetz. He could have been the next Trumplican president! He is a great orator; definitely studied up on Trump. If only he wasn’t a soulless beast or at least smart enough to not get caught.

So, who has their hands up Joe’s back? It appears that Susan Rice and “Barry” Obama are the puppeteers running the show. You know, the people that have made Biden afraid to answer questions.

To the rant writer stating they will never apologize for being white, I say you are correct. You should never be expected to apologize for being white. However, you personally should apologize for being ignorant.

Participants in the attempt to overthrow our democracy on Jan. 6 should not be counting ballots for Arizona Senate recount. They removed the guy from counting ballots. Why was he there in the first place?

Escalating Mideast violence bears hallmarks of 2014 Gaza war – Trump worked hard on Middle East, giving Israel the respect she deserves, moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Biden hates Israel. Its enemies recognize that. One-hundred-twenty American generals have signed a letter warning we may not survive Biden’s attack on our Constitution.

House GOP ousts Trump critic Liz Cheney – So enamored of herself is “Liz,” she won’t even use her married name. My guess? Trump’s accomplishments were so monumental before Biden the America destroyer hit, Trump made the Bush/Cheney - Obama/Biden years look like the shipwrecks they were.

Migrant children in mass shelters have little oversight – It is infuriating, disheartening and heart-breaking to daily watch videos of hundreds of thousands of illegals wade right into our country where Biden will give them everything free from taxpayers; no corona check. Biden’s destroying us. Proud, liberals?

California-hater rant response – It is wonderful that California has a $75 billion surplus, but that does nothing to ameliorate the far-left government’s stance on 100% of everything else.

When demand exceeds supply, prices increase. This law of supply and demand applies regardless of the party in power. The housing boom and pandemic have put the U.S. in that position. We will stay there until equilibrium is reached.

House GOP drops Trump critic Liz Cheney from high post – For telling the truth! What a sad day for America it is, when a member of Congress acts with something as rare and precious as personal integrity, and is punished for it. The GOP “cult of personality” is complete.

Arizona GOP passes election bill opposed by business leaders – If you support the constitution you cannot support trying to prevent a class of people from voting because they might not vote for your team. Arizona Senate is no longer wanting a democracy. If the tables were turned would they?

Electric cars? The average mileage is between 250 and 350 miles. The average recharge time is eight hours. A round trip to Phoenix will be two days because the mileage is about 400 miles. Green New Deal, hooray!

Arizona joins 12 GOP states in ending unemployment enhancements – The country is getting back on track, people are spending, jobs are being created, but these GOP governors want to cut back before we reach full recovery, on the backs of those who need help the most!

It’s amazing that anyone thinks fully funding police and fire departments after fully funding road repairs somehow interferes with police and fire readiness. What part of “fully funded” is unclear? Please explain!

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