Rants and Raves | May 19, 2021

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Jaime Morgaine Community View: Delivering fact sheets is protected free speech – It most certainly is protected speech, particularly in a time when there is a massive misinformation campaign underway on several important issues that is based on party loyalty, conspiracy theories, anti-science and fear mongering rather than facts!

Rich Roback letter: Fix the roads with homes – More importantly, how about fixing Interstate 40. It’s so bad now I often opt for old (Route) 66 rather than hit potholes.

Luis Vega’s Mohave County geology: Can I dig gold on my land? – Mr. Vega writes another fantastic article.

It’s time for a third party! Lunatics that want to die on the hill of gender issues and political correctness, and the lunatics that want to die on the Trump/Gaetz/Greene hill, need to be left behind. They don’t represent the United States.

The idea of a pipeline from Mississippi River to the drought-stricken states has been around since the 1940s. Louisiana and other states flood. That water would be sent to drought states. It would solve two problems.

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