Rants and Raves | May 21, 2021

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Kingman City Council to consider marijuana testing facilities – I am opposed to marijuana anywhere, anytime. Until you’re a parent of a hopeless marijuana addict who has ruined his/her life, perhaps you don’t realize the terrible harm – their children ignored, etc. – that marijuana dependency causes. Throw the crap out.

Arizona GOP budget deal announces massive tax reduction – It’s only “massive” if you are rich! Don’t be fooled; do the math yourself! And the concept that they are saving the poor well-to-do from that nasty education tax? That’s well-spent for the education of our kids!

GOP’s Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are opposing bipartisan agreement for Jan. 6 Commission that would look into what led up to the insurrection at the Capitol. Americans deserve to know the truth.

Rick Roback letter: Fix the roads with homes – The utilities in Valle Vista are underground. The area is having a number of new houses built. In terms of affordable lots, there are plenty. Look for more homes in the future, so roads, yeah.

Navajos say new restrictions complicate voting – They are correct! Not just for those who live on reservation lands, who already face many hardships casting their votes, but for working-class residents statewide. And that was the plan – voter suppression! An underhanded way to win, indeed.

Navajos say new restrictions complicate voting – This is ridiculous. First, why harder for a minority to vote than anyone else? It’s not. Language problem? Learn English. One day every few years we vote. It’s worked all these years. We needn’t make it easier to cheat.

Political correctness is NOT correct! It is a subversion of everything that is good about the United States. Democrats, wake up! You are allowing the Marxists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa to blatantly defame and destroy all that made this country great.

Arizona joins 12 GOP states in ending extra unemployment benefits – Good for our governor. I know of people passing up employment as unemployment benefits are so high. Interesting, Biden, that poor Scranton boy, made nearly $16 million in 2017-18; last year $607,336 and gave less than 5% to charity. How embarrassing.

Penn State University is replacing “male-centric terms” – freshman, sophomore, junior and senior – with first year, second year, etc. I’m really sick of these “politically correct” Democrats!

GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia stated last week the Capitol insurrection was just a “normal tourist visit,” yet a photo taken during that horrific event shows him barricading chamber doors. Republicans are desperate to change history.

I sure hope these UFO incidents lead to an intervention, because as a species we are strung out on greed and power. We need something equivalent to an intergalactic intervention, rehab and 12 steps; otherwise I think we’re doomed.

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