Rants and Raves | May 23, 2021

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Political correctness is not correct rant – Partisanship turned our elected Congress into an oligarchy controlled by the president, and House and Senate leadership. Few elected officials step out of line for fear of retribution. We should remove officials who choose party over the people they represent.

Political correctness is not correct rant – And broad generalizations are not productive. “Democrats” are no more enabling of Black Lives Matter and Antifa than “Republicans” who spent four years spewing rhetoric and doing little else. Let’s encourage all of our leaders to address our social ills.

Navajos say new restrictions complicate voting rant – I certainly hope I never have to meet the person who wrote “Language problem? Learn English” regarding Navajo voters, along with their other equally ignorant comments right here in the Rants and Raves.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Time to move on – Many of us are aware, and agree with you, Tom. Others live in an alternate universe where right-wing news speaks the truth. The latter are easy to spot, and avoid.

Proposal for personal fireworks on the 4th fizzles – Seriously? Lifting a fireworks ban in the midst of a dry-as-tinder drought? I bet you object to the no-smoking signs at gas stations, too. We need to avoid a cataclysmic fire storm here and the ban helps.

Proposal for personal fireworks on the 4th fizzles – Wisely Mohave County continued the fireworks ban. Supervisor Ron Gould proposed eliminating it for July 4, claiming children could learn “about rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air.” Children can read instead of setting fire to their future.

There were 35 Republican lawmakers who voted for a bipartisan commission to get to the truth behind the attack on Capitol Hill. None of Arizona’s GOP Representatives voted for the commission.

Capitol Police sent a letter to GOP lawmakers in Congress on their profound disappointment with GOP leadership’s opposition to a Jan. 6 Commission. GOP doesn’t want the truth to come out.

Politics is so gross; literally the most disgusting profession. Where else do people conduct themselves in such depravity still have a job? Literally deny something as provable as the sun sets in the west and it’s tolerated.

McConnell says he’ll oppose Jan. 6 commission to probe riot – So what happened Jan. 6 is an insurrection, but Hamas shooting 4,000 rockets into Israel (to which the Squad Democrats replied to leave poor Hamas alone and stop shooting back) is OK. Liberals/Marxists get sicker every day.

I’m so tired of all these uneducated degenerates blaming Biden if they don’t like which way the wind blows. Learn how the system works, not how your puppeteers want you to think. Right and left need to stop this childishness.

Desperate for workers, restaurants and stores raise pay – Current lack of workers is because the Biden administration (and his string pullers – Obama, Rice, etc.) upped unemployment pay so many opt to stay on it rather than work. Spending us into oblivion is what libs do best. Sad days.

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