Rants and Raves | May 28, 2021

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With the growth in our population the Kingman City Council needs to work on getting a Costco warehouse here in Kingman before one of the other cities gets it. Kingman can use the extra employment and tax revenue.

Mohave County jobless rate falls to 7.2% – Let’s blame it on Joe Biden. Anything that goes wrong is his fault, right? Oh, I’m sorry, this is a good thing. Let’s blame something on him, anyway, OK? Don’t let him off the hook.

Mohave County’s hopes dashed for ‘Heroes’ Garden’ – John Wayne was no Audie Murphy and didn’t even serve in the military. He filed for a 3-A hardship deferment that kept him out of World War II. He did play a lot of war heroes as an actor.

McConnell says he’ll oppose Jan. 6 commission to probe riot – Republicans have controlled the Arizona Legislature since the 1990s. Many of our election laws, including permanent voter lists and early voting, were passed under their watch. Does that mean they are now correcting their mistakes by passing voter integrity laws?

Blinken off to Mid-East to push for peace talks after Gaza truce – Most Americans with a brain never understood the boatload of cash Obama gave Iran or Biden’s pushing an Iran deal again, but to Netanyahu’s great credit, today in front of Secretary of State Blinken, “Bibi” blasted another Iran deal. Hallelujah!

Is the Butler area actually a low-security concentration camp? Seems to me the poor residents are trapped in a trailer park hell. Sheriff’s deputies constantly have a perimeter on Northern like they’re prison guards. America the beautiful!

GOP in Congress waited five days before condemning Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s disgusting Holocaust remarks. That’s not leadership. At any other job those leaders would be fired for inability to act promptly.

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