Rants and Raves | May 30, 2021

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Mark Lamber column: Private businesses not likely liable for unmasked, unvaccinated customers – Businesses may still require patrons to wear masks. Reasonable people will understand and comply with this simple request. It protects our neighbors who may be vulnerable to the dangers of unvaccinated people.

GOP blocks bi-partisan probe of Jan. 6 riot – Good for the GOP. There are a dozen probes ongoing. This was a diversion tactic to obscure $8 trillion Biden insists on wasting – money to Palestinians, forgiveness of college loans, free college, human disaster at border.

Arizona GOP looks to limit critical race theory training – Critical race theory training? You mean telling the true story of our country – that we decimated millions of Native Americans and enslaved Africans to do our work? CRT is not “training” and it’s not “theory.” It’s the truth.

COVID-19 cases in Mohave County tick upward – Is that a surprise? With the anti-vaccine conspiracies and anti-maskers are we really surprised? And every death that occurs now could have been prevented, but for ignorance. This uptick is clearly brought to us by the “Conspiracy for Lunch Bunch.”

Blinken off to Mideast to push peace talks – It is beyond belief that Biden’s intent is to give multiple millions to Iran (where it will be funneled to take down Israel) and to the Palestinians (where it will be funneled to take down Israel). Fight back against Biden.

Tying all Democrats to Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and socialism is no more accurate than associating all Republicans to the Proud Boys, neo-Nazis and fascism. Neither is true. Let’s start evaluating persons, not parties.

Fire destroys Wikieup Trading Post – Thank you, firefighters. For the folks upset with them, did any of you try to put out the fire?

Andy Worth letter: Needless deaths – Andy Worth wrote a good letter condemning our representatives for their irresponsible anti-vaccine rhetoric. The real responsibility for such poor representation lies squarely with the voters. Stop voting for these clowns.

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