Rants and Raves | Nov. 3, 2021

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Miner editorial: Thumbs up for the Kingman Route 66 Street Drags – Hello! We have an unused airport perfect for the drags. I love the drags but not at the cost of pets suffering.

Miner editorial: Thumbs up for the Kingman Route 66 Street Drags – I caught COVID from attending this event for just one day. I was a fool but this shouldn’t happen to anyone else again.

Kingman continues to lead Mohave County in COVID-19 cases, deaths – Stop all the excuses. You can see with your own eyes the vaccine is safe, and that where there are high vaccination rates there are low infections and death. It’s not rocket science. Get the vaccine!

Kingman City Council: Vote set on water project – You are kidding, right? A statue of Jim Hinckley?

The (national) news today has so much negative content about law enforcement. In Mohave County, we have local law enforcement that does so much good for the community. The Halloween Candy Crawl last night was amazing! The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office along with all of its volunteer divisions put on one heck of an event for the kids!

Miner editorial: We can all agree on Halloween – Actually, Halloween has unholy roots but we’ve successfully ignored that. And if some come to your door dressed as Biden, just give it all to them because he will get it all anyway, and undoubtedly disperse it to those here illegally.

William Ressegue Community View: The only tax we need is a federal sales tax - Don’t add another tax! Corporations don’t pay taxes; they pass them on to us by raising prices. Eliminate the personal income tax to stop the double taxation! Keep the corporate tax. Business can fight higher taxes with lobbyists, but we can’t.

Thirty-thousand cases of COVID and “herd immunity” rant – It’s clear that this ranter has no idea what true herd immunity is. Sadly, many folks have fallen for misinformation and disinformation, and aren’t getting vaccinated - that’s why we continue to be number one - in death and suffering.

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