Rants and Raves | Nov. 5, 2021

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World Champion: Kingman cowgirl wins barrel race at Indian National Finals Rodeo – This was a wonderful story. Congratulations to Ms. Crook and her ride. It is indeed a very long and difficult journey.

World Champion: Kingman cowgirl wins barrel race at Indian National Finals Rodeo – Congratulations and hooray! Well done!

Unit 10 hunters wonder where the elk have gone – If hunters read the Miner they should know where the elk have gone. Seems every week there are photos of big-game hunters grinning proudly and gloating over a dead carcass. Unfortunately, unlike the hunters, the herd is getting thin.

Kingman prepares for 66 Fest – So they’re not holding it downtown where the businesses are? Wow, that make sense.

124 More Mohave County residents contract COVID -19 – If the Miner insists on publishing the cases and deaths regarding COVID-19, it needs to distinguish between those who died from COVID and those with COVID. (Editor’s note: Information about contributing factors is not made available.)

Anti-Halloween rant – So now Halloween is “unholy?” For goodness sake! It’s a holiday for children to enjoy dressing up, based on remembering those who passed on, and that’s “unholy”? How self righteous; try getting a life!

Kingman continues to lead county in new COVID cases – What is the vaccination rate for Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Kingman police and Kingman fire? Are they part of the 60% of Mohave County that is unvaccinated.

Mohave County herd immunity rant – There have been 30,337 cases (and rising), and 83,866 vaccinated for a total of 114,203. Mohave County’s population is 213,000. That is approximately 54% so there is a long way to go to reach herd immunity (70% to 90% depending on reports).

Elderly Kingman woman dies in collision on Airway Avenue – Real shame to hear. Kingman police need to give out tickets for rolling stops and red-light runners.

Why has the Biden administration not yet been impeached?

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