Rants and Raves | Nov. 10, 2021

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I want to thank the person who found my credit card at Safeway on Sunday and turned it in at the office. THANK YOU!

Alice Talk obituary – I read with sadness the obituary of Mrs. Alice Talk. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Talk during the time I was at the Kingman Police Department. Alice was the nicest, most-pleasant lady I worked with. R.I.P. Mrs. Talk.

COVID kills 2 more 135 infected – I would like to comment on the recent COVID-19 report. If everyone in Kingman and surrounding counties would get fully vaccinated there wouldn’t be very many cases. If you do get sick you will quickly get over the virus.

COVID kills another 11 county denizens, 92 more infected – For those still on the fence about the vaccine, please consider the continuing illness and deaths that are preventable if we get past the disinformation and more folks get vaccinated. The time to be a good neighbor is now!

Mohave County staff to draft vaccine disclaimer for COVID-19 news releases – Mohave County Supervisors Angius and Gould place their personal ideology above the health and welfare of our children and families. Information about COVID-19 vaccine availability for children isn’t a mandate, it’s PUBLIC HEALTH information. A disclaimer will undermine public opinion regarding vaccines.

Mohave County staff to draft vaccine disclaimer for COVID-19 news releases – Do we really need or want Mohave County Department of Health subject to the censorship, approval and controlled narrative of Supervisors Angius, Gould and Lingenfelter before information is released to the public, if it’s allowed to be released at all?

Mohave County staff to draft vaccine disclaimer for COVID-19 news releases – No one on the county board is a medical professional. They need to leave vaccine decisions to those who are.

World Champion: Kingman cowgirl wins barrel race at Indian National Finals Rodeo – Kudos to Taliyah Bowman Crook! If only you could sense how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.

Farewell to the Chief – Good riddance. His tyrannical rule is almost over. Fire Chief Rhoades has done enough damage here. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Paul Zaenger column: Japanese Internment Camp Offers Lessons – Excuse me, sir, but you left out that the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor leaving thousands of Americans dead. FDR felt west coast Japanese might work underground with Japan.

Reality star, militia member and gubernatorial candidate Bryan Masche speaks in Kingman – Is this what Arizona has become? I can’t believe the Miner gave space to covering this dangerous individual!

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