Rants and Raves | Nov. 19, 2021

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KRMC mandates COVID-19 vaccines for employees – It’s already hard to get employees here. Now we’ll lose those who refuse to take unproven cure for COVID.

KRMC mandates COVID-19 vaccines for employees – Hallelujah! After months of allowing their staff to endanger the patients they serve, finally KRMC realized unvaccinated staff could spread COVID-19! Glad they see the light at the end of the tunnel only comes when we all do our part.

House censures Gosar for violent video – Gosar is as stupid as a bag of rocks. Now our district has no representation in Congress. He sure did trigger them liberals. If that’s today’s Republican idea of leadership, I’d hate to see them run their household or teach their kids.

House censures Gosar for violent video – No one seems to mention that most of the video is pictures of Biden’s open border and the thousands illegally being allowed to stream into our country daily. That was the entire point of the video, to stop Biden’s border illegalities.

Obituary of Bernice C. Owens – Rest in peace with your Lord, Bernice. It was a pleasure growing up with you and being a fellow classmate. You obviously made a difference on this earth.

Kingman continues to pace county in COVID cases – And deaths! But don’t worry. With new County Board of Supervisor Chairman Ron Gould fighting vaccinations with vigor, we can double that case and death count in no time!

Superior shows generational divide over copper mine – They should be thanking God for the gift of a copper mine and the hope that could come with it. Ever seen many of the Arizona reservations?

Second group of challengers for health-care worker vaccine mandates – It’s embarrassing to us as a country that anyone would defend behavior like that, especially from individuals who are supposed to represent us. I remember not so long ago when being a politician at least meant showing dignity and respect.

Gould tapped to lead Mohave County Board of Supervisors – The supervisor with the most radical ideology, a self-avowed anti-government person, will now chair our county decisions? Why not bring in Alex Jones of Info Wars?

Gould tapped to lead Mohave County Board of Supervisors – With Ron Gould as chairman, the inmates will truly have taken over the asylum. Each meeting will be an opportunity to enlighten/indoctrinate us with his extremist views with Hildy and Travis shouting “Amen” in the background.

Xi-Biden talks raise hopes for better ties – What a joke. Biden came back with nothing. He couldn’t scare a dead chicken. And under Biden, we can count on China making a big move on Taiwan. We desperately need Donald Trump.

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