Letter | Climate goals forgotten

America has already forgotten its climate goals just a week after the Climate Summit.

In the article “Companies bid $192M in Gulf oil sale,” it was reported that “energy companies offered a combined $192 million for drilling rights on federal oil and gas reserves in the Gulf of Mexico.”

How are we going to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions 50% by 2030 if we keeping extracting, refining and burning fossil fuels?

The scientists say: “The world needs to be well on the way to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change.”

Yet, the United States, the second largest emitter of CO2 emissions after China, continues to seek new sites for drilling fossil fuels.

All countries need energy to thrive but to continue to depend on an energy source that is detrimental to our future is very shortsighted. The Interior Department knows burning fossil fuels could potentially cost billions of dollars from future climate damage.

The government must legislate to move us away from fossil fuels. Putting a price on carbon is the best way to do that. It puts a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas which starts low and grows over time. This market-based approach stimulates energy innovation and allows businesses to compete for clean energy solutions while gradually moving away from fossil fuels.

It is time to keep our climate promises. Stop drilling, America, and start innovating.

Maggie Kraft


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