Rants and Raves | Nov. 24, 2021

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Thanksgiving – May you all have a Happy Turkey Day. God bless you all.

Vols football team wins 55-32; advances to quarterfinals – Congratulations to the Vols. Your hard work is paying off. You are putting Kingman on the map.

KPD: $22 million worth of cocaine seized on I-40 – Are you frickin’ kidding me ‘eh? If this had been a trucker from south of the border he’d still be sittin’ in Mohave County jail. No way, ‘eh?

Mule deer buck killed with a pull of a finger rant – It may have been saved from starvation, thirst or over-population, due to the pull of a finger besides food in a freezer. Yes, it is a beautiful animal, and I’m not a hunter, but I look at all sides.

KUSD outsources facilities and maintenance jobs – Every single maintenance/facilities worker for Kingman Unified School District ought to resign, and let people from Tennessee come take these jobs. I imagine they have a surplus of workers there. Just make sure you warn the Easterners before they trek west.

New roads, faster internet coming to Mohave County – Thank you, President Biden, and those who worked on and supported this legislation! Don’t be surprised to see those who were against it try to claim credit for it.

Last two COVID -19 reports – Eight dead and almost 350 new cases in four days! It is time to close the door on personal ideology and nonsensical conspiracy theories! Get vaccinated! It would be helpful to have fewer public events, as well. People are dying!

Protestors oppose Kingman Regional Medical Center vaccine mandate – Those folks are welcome to stay away from others! The rest of us are tired of our lives being upended by COVID-19 because they refuse to get vaccinated and mask. Time to consider the health and welfare of the majority!

Nathan Young letter to the editor: Pass Build Back Better bill – What lifts your child out of poverty is working parents who put their children first, not government dependency. This bill is the largest boondoggle in American history including giving citizenship to millions of illegals.

Nathan Young letter to the editor: Pass Build Back Better bill – Another giveaway program from the vote-buying Democrats.

Hateful political discourse in the region – This area has such hateful political discourse due to low education rate. Many people here don’t have the ability to think critically because they are not familiar with supporting claims with evidence. They’re controlled using fear, which makes them angry.

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