Community View | Beware Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ bill

Beware Biden's Build Back Better bill which should rightfully be called the Bury our Butts Bill. I imagine this bill – 2,465 pages containing 443,331 words – has been read in its entirety by no one.

Taking forever to list even some of the unbelievable items in it, suffice to say, it coerces workers to join unions with a tax write-off bribe, imposes racial preferences on every inch of our lives, and redistributes money from workers to takers.

The bill adds 87,000 new IRS workers ($80 billion), who will be allowed to look into all bank accounts over $600. Another $3 billion goes for tree "equity" in low income neighborhoods (really?), $15 million for older people who've been underserved in gender identity issues (this is a government problem?), $25 million towards anti-discrimination and bias training, $5 million for electronic voting systems for union elections, and $3 billion to increase capacity of U.S. citizenship and immigration services. Translated, make sure illegals vote Democrat.

Another $5 billion will go for climate justice Block Grants for disadvantaged communities, $19 billion to outfit the feds and postal service with electric cars, $1 billion to convert some buildings to "green" and $8 billion for Biden's "Civilian Climate Corps." Beware this one.

We are in deep trouble in this country right now in every way including spiritually. To waste trillions as this bill will do would be criminal.

(Linda Athens is a resident of Kingman.)

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