Letter | Back the Build Back Better bill

I agree with Nathan Young’s call for action with the Build Back Better bill (Nov. 20 letter). Child tax credits are social support that can mean the difference between a child living in poverty or not. As someone whose family faced our fair share of financial trials during my childhood, child tax credits could mean the difference between being able to buy supplies for back-to-school shopping, buying groceries, or even just paying the bills on time.

Now that the House has passed the Build Back Better bill, the Senate must work quickly to get it passed since the CTC monthly payments are scheduled to end in December. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who has been at the forefront of negotiations, should utilize her pillar of bipartisanship to encourage her congressional colleagues to help pass the bill that she has largely determined the size and make up of. She has done a great job in bringing some infrastructure funding to Arizona, and her constituents are counting on her to do the same with the BBB.

Rayna Castillo


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