Rants and Raves | Oct. 3, 2021

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Kingman again leads Mohave County in new COVID cases – But we had the rodeo, the fair, Oktoberfest – all super-spreader events! The death and suffering will continue until residents and leadership decide to actually address the realities of this deadly virus. We must get vaccinated and mask.

KAOL adopts last resort plan for COVID – With cases and deaths on the rise here in Kingman, it’s a bold claim that “KAOL will never go back to online courses again.” Is KAOL more concerned with their image than the safety of their students and their families?

Supervisors should use COVID money to offer $500 to get vaccinated rant – At least we would get paid for being Big Pharma’s lab rats.

Supervisors should use COVID money to offer $500 to get vaccinated rant – I’m not vaccinated due to asthma. And I still wouldn’t do it if I were given $500 for it. I double mask when leaving home. When shopping, I do pick-up only. I do my best to lessen all contact.

Dr. Fauci just stated “the unvaccinated are eight times more likely to test positive, 41 times more likely to be hospitalized, and 57 times more likely to die compared to the vaccinated.” If that statement doesn’t work, nothing will.

Archery elk season a success for area hunters anti-hunting rant – Good gracious, get a grip! The hunters don’t kill the animals to let them rot on the ground; they are sustenance.

Enhanced child tax credit – Biden’s child tax credit is not the best way to help Americans, though it does bring Dem voters. Also brings welfare for middle class citizens; and disincentivizes job seekers. There are plenty of jobs now; getting one and feeding your own children is best.

Why do they allow employees to wear so much perfume and cologne? People like me with respiratory problems stop breathing or cough until our lungs are raw.

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