Rants and Raves | Oct. 10, 2021

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Kingman women’s options on the table: Women March For Kingman – Roe is not a constitutional issue; story is wrong from beginning to end. There’s not a word in the Constitution nor its amendments that addresses abortion. A federal “right to abortion” does not exist. It was created out of thin air by the court.

Kingman women’s options on the table: Women March For Kingman – While unable to attend this event, I fully support women’s reproductive rights. Every woman in America should have the right to “sovereignty” over her own body and reproductive decisions. The Constitution supports this. Make your own decisions, not someone else’s.

Kingman women’s options on the table: Women March For Kingman – “It’s my body,” as they say to promote their cause. Yet, they are against “it’s my body” for those who don’t want a COVID vaccination.

COVID claims 4 more Kingman area denizens, 25 more cases reported – Sadly, here in Kingman and Mohave County we cannot expect enough residents, businesses, and county officials to respect the true “right to life” of their fellow citizens. Resistance to vaccines and masking is literally killing us.

Former teacher here with a message for all parents of school children, be they pro-mask, pro-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-vaccine, Republican or Democrat. I no longer care about you and your kids. I am so grateful I no longer work in public education. What a nightmare it was.

Speeding – I’m so very tired of people driving at excessive speeds. I will take action and you won’t like the outcome. The posted speed in front of my house is 25 mph, not 50 mph.

Feds say Arizona can’t use COVID money for anti-mask grants – Ducey commits another dicey illegal act to continue pushing his destructive partisan position on COVID-19. It appears he wants more people to die of the virus, especially if they are on the political left. He’s a sick man.

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