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Thu, May 26

Letter | Debt ceiling debate too political

The stalemate between the Republicans and Democrats over raising the debt ceiling is a total and disgusting ploy by the Republicans to discredit the Democrats.

However, in doing so, they risk harming all of us in many ways, raising inflation, major losses in the stock market, global harm and millions of jobs lost just to name a few.

Yes they have passed a short stopgap but that only kicks the can down the road and the problem will rear it's head again in December. Never before in our long history have we not been able to pay our bills – never. But now that possibility is real because the Republicans want to point their finger at the Democrats and say it's all their fault which will be totally false.

Three times during the Trump administration there was a bipartisan vote to raise the debt ceiling but now Trump himself, who increased our national debt by some $8 trillion, is leading the charge to try and force the Democrats to raise it on their own in order for them to try and use it against them in the upcoming elections. They are playing with our lives as this is not the subject for party division.

We are talking about the financial well-being of all of us, personally and our country regardless, of party affiliation. The debt ceiling must be raised and must be done through bipartisanship for the well-being of all of us.

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley

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