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Thu, May 26

Community View | The only tax we need is a federal sales tax

It isn't a $3.5 trillion spending we need, it’s really just tax reform.

Yes, there are corporations and billionaires who don't pay any taxes. Maybe a bit of cheating is going on but mostly they know and understand how the Tax Code can and does work in their favor.

The Tax Code wasn't meant to be a savings account for the wealthy or big corporations, but with friends in high places and favors owing, it just turned out that way.

So in reality, to really fund our government and keep everyone paying their share, we need a new and better way to collect revenue.

Perhaps a federal sales tax is just the way to do it. Everyone keeps all they earn and you only pay taxes when you buy goods or services.

And the tax could be applied by the cost of the item. A $1 million house sale would pay 80% of the sales tax; a $10 million dollar house and above would pay 100% of the federal sales tax. Rent would also be taxed so no one would keep from paying just because you rent.

All can and should be taxed – high-priced lawyers, plumbers, barber shops, salons, boats, canoes and yachts. Tax the purchase of stocks and bonds. Not only would this make plenty of revenue but it would give those saving for a car, boat, vacation or even a house non-taxable savings.

Any goods imported would also pay the tax and that would encourage domestic production and that would mean more jobs.

Why, we could even collect a percentage from gambling, lotto, horse racing and sports betting. Only food and prescriptions would be exempt. Just my thought on getting everyone to pay to support government and keep more money in everyone's pockets.

(William Ressegue is a resident of Kingman.)

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