Rants and Raves | Oct. 31, 2021

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Rants and Raves – All the “Rants” with very few “Raves” says volumes about the folks in Kingman. Can’t you just wake up and thank God you are alive? Live your life and let others live theirs.

Cats, cats and more cats – I would like to know if there is any place in Kingman that is not infested with cats? My neighborhood sure is. Everywhere I have been in this entire area, all I see is cats destroying properties.

Mohave County eclipses 30,000 COVID -19 infections – Will someone explain to the vaccine mandate crowd that Mohave County now has over 30,000 with natural antibodies. Add that to all who have been vaccinated and I believe we’ve reached herd immunity. (Editor’s note: There were 110 new cases in the Kingman area in the two-day period ending at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 26.)

With latest payout, sheriff has cost $100 million – Racial profiling? So that’s what you call efforts to keep illegals out of our country? Racial profiling? Like Trump, the left will never get off of Arpaio’s back because he was a law-and-order sheriff.

Armorer in ‘Rust’ movie shooting resides in Bullhead City – Unidentified landlord of the property? Yup, we should all just jump to conclusions and get started on that gallows.

Mohave County Superior Court proposes use of coronavirus funding to pay retired judge – I agree that hiring Judge Gurtler as a temporary judge to finish the court cases delayed by the pandemic is a good use of the American Rescue Plan Act. We need to get our local courts back on track.

Miss Pat, you were the best. The children on the Kingman Academy of Learning buses just loved you and you made their trips home fun and safe.

The only thing worse than political ads on TV are sports betting ads. Sports betting will create a new generation of gamblers, crime will increase and families will be destroyed as people become addicted. Republican legislators, this is on you.

U.S. issues first passport with X gender marker – Complete insanity. Which restrooms will Xs use? The bigger problem, we were born either man or woman per God and the Bible. I thought we couldn’t sink deeper into the toilet, but we did.

Kingman water supply – First come first served for water rights. At what point of expansion will no one be able to exist and all will die?

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