Rants and Raves Sept. 5, 2021

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Mohave County sheriff’s deputy accused of sexual misconduct with a minor – What happened to the vetting process for deputies in this county? Perhaps Sheriff Schuster should have spent more time doing his job, instead of politicking. He might have noticed there was a problem brewing.

Why is it the government’s job to force a person to give birth? It’s their soul. If a woman chooses abortion that’s her business. GOP has no principles except attaining/maintaining power so the rich can get richer.

COVID claims 5 more lives, infects 197 in Mohave County – How bad does this have to become for people to act like decent American citizens, and get vaccinated and mask for the good of all of us? Get the vaccine, wear a mask and stop acting like crybabies.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey pushes monoclonal antibody therapies – One would think the governor would push simple, safe, cheap vaccines and masking first! And why is Ducey holding back funds for hospitals to begin with? Monoclonal antibody treatment is expensive and after the fact. Who’s cashing in on this?

COVID just pushed Social Security insolvency up a year – Social Security need not ever be insolvent or underfunded. The truth is we have some members of Congress who refuse to consider taxing the wealthy on income above $120,000. It is absurd, but big, rich donors reward corruption extremely well.

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