Rants and Raves | Sept. 8, 2021

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New fire district – I have the utmost confidence that a new fire district could respond in less than 20 minutes to a fire less than two miles away. Count me in.

Mohave County receives BLM patent for 6-acre parcel near Beaver Dam – It is good to see the Beaver Dam area receiving some recognition and service from the county. After all, they are taxpaying citizens of Mohave County just like the rest of us down south.

Arizona abortion foes mulling steps after high court ruling – Can someone show me where the Constitution allows killing your own unborn child? It ain’t there, folks, and it’s demonic.

Who could have imagined in America women would actually fight to destroy their own child in their own body? Unbelievable!

Arizona abortion foes mulling steps after high court ruling – To abort is never an easy decision. Never. However, our medical community is able to provide a safe means to do so. Why are some opposed to this? It is the decision of the woman and man involved, not politicians.

On the passing of Tom McKinney – Tom McKinney was a good man, and he will be missed by anyone fortunate enough to have known him.

One arrest after Tucson man confronts principal over COVID-19 mandates – Teachers and principals have enough to do trying to keep our kids safe without having to deal with threats of violence! This type of lawlessness is unacceptable, and those attempting this type of criminal behavior should pay the consequences.

State fights to maintain limits on local virus efforts – What happened to small government? Let the school districts decide the best course to follow based on how COVID is affecting their area! The safety of our children and their families must come first – not political and ideological posturing!

7 dead, 189 infected as surge continues in Mohave County – We can take this surge and make it trickle down to nothing. We know what to do: get vaccinated and mask! We have the tools. We must muster the will to use them to save lives!

Barks and Brews helps canines find forever homes – Barking praises for Black Bridge Brewery for participating in finding forever homes for dogs in need!

Mohave County Fair – Why care about the seven per day dead from a virus in a small town. Let’s put 20,000 into a fairgrounds that holds 4,000 and see what happens.

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