Rants and Raves | Sept. 10, 2021

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7 dead, 189 infected as COVID continues to rage in Mohave County – Be a true Patriot now. Get vaccinated, and wear a mask in public. More than 669,000 (and counting) Americans are dead from COVID-19, equivalent to 223 9/11 attacks! If you’re unvaccinated, you’re part of the problem.

Mohave County hires staff to educate public about vaccines – Thank you, Mohave County Department of Public Health, for pursuing the new hires. Mohave County needs to get out of “revisionist-history attitude” and get on with trying to save our citizens’ lives.

Mohave County hires staff to educate public about vaccines – Really? We’re paying people for this! It’s been two years. If you’re not educated on COVID and vaccines, climb back under your rock. Your educators will not convince me to get your updated flu shot.

The City of Kingman should be enforcing the RV parking ordinance. The small lots in Kingman Airport tract, from Miller to Lomita streets, have quite a few illegally parked RVs in front yards and on empty dirt lots.

Stolen catalytic converters being sold to scrap dealers? What a no-brainer. Just fine the scrap dealers and stop the problem.

Mohave County Fair – Our fair is embarrassing! Run-down facilities, the same awful food vendors, the same marketing “businesses” booths, the same sketchy carny rides and games, and the same booths selling counterfeit “designer” items. We can do better.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputy accused of sexual conduct with a minor – How asinine of the writer to blame Sheriff Schuster for not vetting the deputy. How is anybody able to read the mind of a perpetrator unless said individual has a record of offenses? How picky can one be?

COVID-19 vaccinations – We could have beaten this deadly virus had everyone gotten vaccinated, which is proven safe and effective. But instead more people are getting infected and dying due to ignorance. Get vaccinated! It is my business, and everybody’s business.

Butler rant – I agree, the Butler area is one the most disgraceful places you could imagine. Too bad Mohave County and/or the health department doesn’t have a little back bone to see that it is cleaned up.

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