Rants and Raves | Sept. 15, 2021

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Sadly, Kingman is becoming an “anything goes” city. RVs park everywhere; tow trucks barrel through to park in neighborhoods 24/7. School buses drive past friends’ houses honking. Quads and dirt bikes race through streets. Barking, blasting music, anything goes.

Delta variant surges – Hey people, how about placing blame for COVID where it should be placed. China is responsible for unleashing this lethal virus on the world. Unvaccinated, unmasked and undecided Americans are not responsible for the virus. I always mask.

“Mohave County Supervisors pass resolution against vaccine mandates” rant – At age 78, I actually caught the COVID virus while in the hospital here. With natural immunity now, the very best kind, I will not be vaccinated.

Manchin favors trimming Biden budget by half – God bless Manchin, who needs to become a Republican. This bill, like all Biden does, is completely insane. Little for infrastructure, global warming doesn’t exist, plenty for freebies and let the rich pay. After all, they are the job creators.

Authorities seek suspect after mountain lion shot in Tucson – You’re a suspect if you shoot a mountain lion inside a city? Why! Are lions tame now? But it’s fine to abort 60 million babies in America since Roe v. Wade. Boy, we are one screwed up mess these days.

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