Rants and Raves | Sept. 17, 2021

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Just passing through, but travelers leave lots of money behind in Kingman – If the community would tap into this revenue source with a .25% sales tax maybe we could get our streets fixed.

Nonpartisan church rant – Someone asked if there’s a church in town that doesn’t participate in political partisanship. I can answer that question. The church is Searching for His Sheep Ministries and Pastor Danny Lollis at 4320 N. Baker Drive.

Maverick Dems meeting with Biden over trillions in spending – Hats off to Sinema and Manchin putting reality ahead of endless lying and stupid spending. Two Democrats using their heads as opposed to, say, AOC, who went to the Met Gala ($30,000 entrance fee) in a dress stating “Tax the Rich.”

Arizona AG files lawsuit against Biden vaccine rules – Attorney General Brnovich disregards the fact that vaccines have been mandated for public health and safety for over 200 years. This move is motivated by political posturing, despite the fact that COVID-19 is spreading and our hospital ICUs are full.

Kingman is the place to come if you have an old, dilapidated RV and you need a place to park. They park in the shopping center parking lots, I guess until they are run off, which seems to take several months.

It’s our town. Make your voice count. Attend meetings, anywhere they’ll let you in to voice an opinion. Come informed and prepared, and bring a neighbor or two. Change has to start at the community level.

Lil Nas X, Justin Bieber top star-packed MTV VMAs – Accidentally happened upon these MTV awards and found the dancing so X-rated I changed the channel before my young granddaughter hit the room. Many male dancers in skin-tight shorts, repeatedly rubbing their crotches and more. Worry about America, folks.

Ducey: Arizona must push back against Biden vaccine mandate – What is wrong with this guy? Why does he want his constituents to die? So he can make political points? He’s a criminal, in my estimation.

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