Rants and Raves | Sept. 19, 2021

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Being a member of a community – You can have all the pro-Trump signs you want, but , flying flags that say “F___ Biden” across the street from a public school is just tacky. It reflects far more on your character than the character of our President.

Panhandling – Here’s a way to stop the panhandlers here in Kingman that stand at all the big intersections and stores on Stockton Hill Road. Put up signs that read: “Please do not support this panhandling. Keep the change or donate it to the church or food bank of your choice, which is tax deductible.”

COVID-19 claims 3 more residents of Kingman area – This death and suffering is preventable. Vaccines are safe and effective; combined with masking, it’s the best way to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Local and county officials could save lives by putting public health and safety above politics and ideology.

COVID-19 claims 3 more residents of Kingman area – “Cases” is a rather ambiguous way to mislead and obfuscate the truth. Of course the beds are all full. How else would they get the extra funds? Every time I come here it reads like an ad for the jab.

COVID-19 claims 3 more residents of Kingman area – Last week one of my tenants, a young healthy really nice guy in his 40s died. COVID killed him quick. I just want my life back, and young children to be safe again, so please get the damn vaccine.

Elitist jerks in the city government sticking it to property owners with driveway paving requirements, because the dust is a “pollutant.” Don’t they know there is dust in the desert? No concern for property rights.

I know you chickens can’t print most of what I send in because insane Trumpers would pipe bomb your facility. I get it! You give the people what they want, just like Fox News!

Top U.S. officer feared Trump could order China strike – This is absolutely treason. Calling our enemy? First, Trump is a peacemaker. The only people he killed were the right ones – Muslims connected to 9/11 bombings. Superb!

GOP Senate candidate: US should not receive Afghan refugees – This candidate disrespects the sacrifice every service member made with their lives and their blood by turning his back on those who stood with our troops on the ground in Afghanistan! His stance is cowardly and reprehensible.

Kingman Fire Department seeks public input – I strongly support the Kingman Fire Department. When my wife fell to the floor (more than once) and could not get up, the good people from the Fire Department came and were able to get her up.

International Day of Peace is Sept. 21 letter – You quote a Buddhist monk in a country founded on Christianity? The United Nations is known for mismanagement, corruption, scandal. It has condemned our closest ally, Israel, in 45 resolutions. I celebrate nothing the UN has to offer.

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