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Thu, May 26

Letter | Biden flying Haitians home

So Biden is starting to fly the 14,000 Haitians at our southern border back to Haiti? No one is more opposed to illegals coming into our country illegally than I am.

However, when it comes to Haitians, consider that 29% live in abject poverty, 400,000 Haitian children live without parents, 300,000 Haitian children live as domestic servants, two-thirds of all Haitian children are undernourished, and one out of five Haitian children will die before age 6.

Many of these Haitians have moved to South American countries the last few years to escape the extreme poverty, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., that have devastated their island, so to fly them to Haiti is probably ensuring their deaths. When they heard Biden had opened our borders to anyone and everyone, they worked very hard to get here.

Biden apparently would rather allow unknown people, many of them Muslim, from 149 different countries come into the United States, including many who are bringing drugs, and many probably terrorists, rather than the Haitians, who are 90% Catholic, 2% Protestant and desperately need a humanitarian break.

This man in the White House is a train wreck. If he planned to destroy our country, he couldn't have done a better job than he is already doing. After our workaholic President Trump did so much for our country, Biden is demolishing it in record time. Heartbreaking!

Linda Athens


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