Rants and Raves | Sept. 24, 2021

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Mohave County Fair – Worst Mohave County Fair ever. More political booths than any other category. No local businesses. Fair official operating a cart (she did not know how) almost hitting several people.

Arizonan on first amateur space flight – Congrats! Americans are known for firsts. First in flight, first on moon, internet, cellphones, Panama Canal, nuclear reactor, Model T Ford, trans-oceanic cable communications, modern submarines and on and on. See, we aren’t really just white supremacists after all.

Reply to COVID-19 claims 3 more residents tenant rant – If and when the full truth and warnings about the unconventional COVID shot are disclosed, more people would/will “just take the damn vaccine.” We are not anti-vax. We get flu, tetanus, shingles and pneumonia shots.

Luis Vega’s Mohave County Geology column – Thank you, Luis Vega, for resuming your articles about Mohave County g eology. So interesting. I learn so much from these articles. This one encouraged me to further investigate “Carlin-type” gold deposits.

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