Rants and Raves | Sept. 26, 2021

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Miner Editorial: Adversity makes us stronger – Well said. Sept. 11 certainly did bring us together. I believe this extreme left turn into Marxism/communism that is now in the schools, offices, even in our Blue Cross/Blue Shield notices, will unite us again to throw Marxism out. Stay tuned!

Deaths rising, but COVID cases falling in Mohave County – Eight more dead, 156 more cases, and county officials and business owners looking the other way is unacceptable! We need real leadership and our residents to step up and make an effort to combat this virus! Get vaccinated and mask!

Mohave County vaccination rates lag behind the rest of Arizona – With county officials and local business owners afraid to offend the “freedom” of some to kill and sicken our residents, it is not a surprise at all. This is not only cowardly, it is reckless disregard for public safety.

Mohave County vaccination rates lag behind the rest of Arizona – If one understands the political climate in Mohave County, they understand why of the 15 counties we’re least vaccinated. Our local leaders are failing us, are endangering our youths, and are causing unnecessary deaths to support Trump Republicanism. Shame!

Bring back Calico’s. I miss the great American food!

Biden flying Haitians home – Well, it looks like Biden pulled another fast one on us; flew a few planeloads back to Haiti but is emptying out the Del Rio bridge right into the United States. Desperate for new Dem voters; to hell with our laws.

Gosar wants U.S. House leadership to wear body cameras – Gosar should have been wearing a camera when planning the Jan. 6 insurrection with other traitors. I’d like to hear those communications.

Kingman area logs 109 new COVID-19 cases – Keep this up and we’ll have natural immunity, said to be at least 10 times more powerful than the jab and you don’t have to keep getting boosters or risk the side-effects. We need alternative treatment availability.

Biden flag rant – I witnessed a truck flying flags driving on Highway 68 – three American flags and a F___ Biden flag. Totally disgusting and as unpatriotic as can be. I don’t care what your beliefs are, that is totally uncalled for.

Rep. Lesko to undergo removal of gallbladder – One of my favorites, one super great lady. Prayers and very best wishes with her surgery. Many of us, including me, have had this surgery with great results.

Lawmakers: Atmosphere in Arizona Legislature has become more toxic – The audit results are in. Biden won. Staunch Trump supporters were hugely wrong. Will they be too proud to apologize to Democrats and some fellow Republicans for wrongly accusing them of cheating and voter fraud?

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