Rants and Raves | Sept. 29, 2021

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A huge rave to the entire staff at Kingman Regional Medical Center and to Dr. Akers for the wonderful care received during an emergency kidney-stone diagnosis.

At Kingman Regional Medical Center we have a sense of compassion fatigue on our staff in knowing that the vaccine has been proven to prevent severe illness, yet we are continuously having to care for people who have severe illness from COVID.

Biden flying Haitians home – Only 4,000 were sent back; 17,000 are still here. There seems to be no winning with you Trumpers. Workaholic Trump? Are you serious? Don’t you mean Golfaholic/Mar-a-Lago Trump? He spent more time golfing than any other president.

Biden pledges relentless diplomacy on challenges – He mentioned the Afghan war is over. But wait! He deserted probably 1,000-plus of our people/workers there. They’re being slaughtered. Joe also never mentions the father and his seven children whose deaths his big hurry caused.

Low vaccination rate in Mohave County – Many people will change their minds about getting vaccinated when crisis of care is instituted and COVID patients go to the back of the line behind accident and heart-attack victims who have a better chance of survival.

Morgaine drops out of Senate race; plans action committee – We have lost a great candidate of good head and heart in Ms. Morgaine – one willing to work tirelessly for the good of the community. Let’s support her efforts to get some real change in local government.

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