Rants and Raves | April 3, 2022

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Dropped by State Farm insurance – After making payments over 55 years and never being late or missing a payment, we had two claims totaling $15,000 and we’ve been canceled. What’s the point of having insurance? As soon as you use it, you lose it.

Gould: Maricopa practices could impact faith in Mohave elections – We just need to go back to papyrus ballots with pencil, put an x next to the name, count them manually, and deliver them by horse to Washington. Electronics should not be used at any point in the process.

Student shot on Kingman Unified School District school bus – The parents should be charged with a crime if he acquired the gun at home! Thank God no one was killed but that could have very easily happened. This gun culture is pathetic!

Student shot on Kingman Unified School District school bus – Why did student have a gun in first place? Where are mom and dad?

The Kingman Concert Band and the Mohave Community Orchestra have invited all the members of the city council and school board to our performances many times. Perhaps if they read the Miner they might be aware of these wonderful community events.

Rant by Kingman Concert Band member – The point is, local dignitaries should be aware of cultural events and use them to promote the community.

Kingman community recognizes local veterans on Vietnam Veterans Day – Thank you veterans for your service. Ralph Mckie, what a beautiful tribute to your friends to wear their dog tags. No doubt they would appreciate your honoring their memory. I wish you all peace and love.

Andy Worth letter: Let government work – Yea, Andy Worth! I agree completely!

Andy Worth letter: Let government work – Like Andy Worth I too wonder about why Republicans constantly attack our government, yet seek to hold a government job.

Arizona will require proof of citizenship to vote – This is wonderful! Small price to pay – proving you’re a citizen – which you must be to vote, so what’s the problem? There are now thousands of illegals in the U.S. (Thanks, Biden!) so this is very necessary and appreciated.

Danny Tyree column: Have you ever slapped anybody? – The media has made more fuss over a slap than a school shooting, for goodness sake! There is a world of serious issues out there. This is not one of them!

D’backs bank on improving from within after 110-loss season – If the D’backs want to improve on the 100-plus loss season, they best get a real manager and a few good relief pitchers.

U.S. astronaut ends long space flight in Russian capsule – Thank God he’s back safely after Putin threated to just leave him there.

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