Rants and Raves | April 8, 2022

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“Let the Government Work” letter rants – “Elected officials should put party line aside and do what’s right for the country.” I see this comment from both sides. Guess what? What you think is right may not be what someone else thinks is right.

Most of the parking under shade trees at Lewis Kingman Park is gone. Road curbs on both entrances on both sides have been painted red with “No Parking” signs. With summer heat coming, why not just paint one side red leaving access for a fire truck.

World hurtling to climate danger zone with brakes half pulled – What’s Mr. UN comparing present climate to in order to declare it’s now “getting worse?” The 1970s promised us the “ice age,” the ‘80s death by ozone/acid rain, and next was global warming. Science people haven’t been right once in a century.

Laura Lampkin letter: Cable TV options needed – Just cut the wires. Check for other internet providers and subscribe to those online services.

Laura Lampkin letter: Cable TV options needed – There’s Direct TV, Dish and a multitude of streaming services. There are more options than there ever was!

Traffic east on Southern Avenue to Rancho Santa Fe has increased significantly. Some drivers either can’t read the speed limit of 35 mph or don’t care. I hope they can’t read. This is our town. Slow down. Be a good neighbor. No need to tailgate and pass on the double-yellow line.

The Biden border crisis is about to reach levels we have never seen before. By ending Title 41, Biden is making this crisis worse than ever. Joe Biden does not care about the drugs, crime and human trafficking his agenda has unleashed.”

Elections Director Tempert works to keep votes safe, secure and honest – I appreciated the article which highlighted a person who really cares about the people he serves. Tempert’s integrity and commitment to his job is second to none. Thank you for what you do for Mohave County.

Why are there hundreds and hundreds of trees planted outside of the airport and near Valle Vista? I thought we were conserving water?

Mohave County Supervisors approve grant application – A grant for an interchange! What about a grant to fix the roads?

Smith’s and Walmart connectivity – This has been going on since Walmart opened. I walk over to Smith's, but some are unable to do that. Why can`t the city force the issue?

Kingman Miner’s April 6 amusements page – First thing, in large type, under the “Amusements” page header in the Dear Abby column: “Friend traumatized after woman’s shooting murder.” Not very amusing.

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