Rants and Raves | April 13, 2022

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The building for the new electric car museum is huge. It should be a air museum and electric car museum. This town is full of vets, and it would be great. Vets from all over would visit.

Camaron Haller of Kingman High School named student Rotarian – Congratulation to Camaron! If you have an urge to serve your community, please consider the Kingman Rotary Club. We meet Wednesdays, noon, at the Dambar. We are a small Club but are proud to have a big impact on Kingman!

Jackson is first black female high court justice – The real racists are those continuously pointing out skin color. Being black doesn’t make Jackson unfit to be on the Supreme Court. Her extreme history of giving child molesters easier sentences, and for CRT/children picking out their own gender, does.

A rant about the people setting up the “Go Brandon” display without a permit near WalMart on April 8. It’s OK to be anti-American, but try to follow the rules.

Electric Vehicle Experience Museum – Kingman is wasting money again. In spite of government subsidies and agendas the current evolution of the electric car will go the way of the dodo bird. Museums are good for revealing past mistakes, but it’s too soon to invest.

City of Kingman promotes Water Awareness Month – They want us to quit watering our yards. I can see from my home all those giant wells they are drilling to water tree farms that won’t produce for 5-10 more years. Meanwhile, draining our aquifer. Get real!

Jackson is first black female high court justice – Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. Republicans walked out when announced. Could they have been any more disrespectful? These are supposed to be mature elected officials. Why act in such a childish manner? Disgusting.

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