Rants and Raves | April 15, 2022

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Supreme Court Jusice Ketanji Brown Jackson couldn’t define “woman.” Someone should have asked: “Are you a woman?” If there is no definition of a woman how did President Biden know she was one? Did he break his pledge to nominate a woman?

Anyone is better than Gosar. Gosar said insurrectionists were patriots. Patriots work within the law to change the system! Gosar must go.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s sentences for her defendants we’re in line with other judges. Republicans using false tropes as they had nothing other than race to hurt her nomination. Sad. The last two appointees we’re “I like beer” and an unqualified handmaiden without experience.

Gubernatorial hopeful wants to split Maricopa County – That’s gerrymandering. If you want to get elected, represent the people, not Trump.

Electric Car Museum – Addressing embarrassing city issues/optics are critical instead of unwanted tourist schemes. Trashed houses/yards, vagrants begging on every corner, dirty restaurants, sketchy motel inhabitants, abundance of litter and illegeal dumping. “F Biden” flags galore, potholes/traffic, etc. Kingman remains a bathroom stop between destinations. Why stop here?

Putin vows to push invasion until goals are met – Unbelievable? Biden’s so fearful of Putin he refuses to give Ukraine the weapons they need most. Putin’s a demonic mad man who needs to be hung. Left out, hundreds of Ukrainian children kidnapped, raped, taken to Russia. The carnage is beyond belief.

American homeless ranks graying as many go to streets – Per article, many problems self-inflicted from lack of planning. Too late now. But, if you are homeless in NYC or LA you probably make enough for an apartment in middle America, so move. Also homeless lady at 65 put son through college/ Where is he now?

Once a retail giant, KMart nears extinction after closures – Between Walmart, Target and KMart, KMart was best. Shopped at one in a big city for years. I liked Kingman’s KMart where I found items Walmart didn’t carry. Sad story, like much of America these days.

Fantasy overtakes reality in Disneyland – Read article in Daily TImes. Disney Company has gone from a wonderful organization for kids and adults to a perversion run by freaks and weirdos. Kids aren’t safe in the Disney parks or their own living rooms.

Gas in Kingman is more expensive than in Sedona – I was in Sedona the other day. The gas even in that town is less expensive than in Kingman despite the higher cost of living. Bullhead City gas is also cheaper. What is going on?

“The electric car will go the way of the dodo bird” rant in the April 13 Miner – These remarks take ignorance and denial to whole new heights. That ranter must have his or her head deep in the sand.

Mohave County Fairgrounds to host inaugural spring carnival – A Spring Carnival on Good Friday? Who planned this? Wasn’t there any other weekend available? Apparently Christians were not considered when planning this event.

Kingman man running against Gosar says district deserves better – You have my vote!

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