Rants and Raves | April 20, 2022

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Got my fourth COVID vaccine today. Mohave County had 10 more dead this week as every week. So far in the county 1,454 dead and over 58,000 infected with a dismal 46% vaccine rate. Proud to keep COVID alive forever?

With water a problem, why are we still building homes?

Luis Vega’s geology column taking a summer break – I’m really going to miss these articles. They have made me want to take a geology course.

It occurred to me if the billions of dollars spent by politicians to campaign was actually spent solving the problems that said politicians campaign about, we wouldn’t need politicians.

Maggie Kraft Earth Day letter – So Maggie, do you drive an expensive electric car? I didn’t think so. Biden doesn’t either. What will you do on windless, sunless days? You don’t have that answer either. Thank you, God, for fossil fuel.

I’ve written before about our road not being paved for over 25 years. The dust is just terrible and we are seniors. Isn’t the money for taxes and motor vehicles items supposed to be for roads?

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