Rants and Raves | April 27, 2022

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Many thanks to the Hualapai Tribe for an absolutely great day at Grand Canyon West Mohave County Special Event Day. Even the food was half price. The Skywalk is not scary at all despite my fear of heights. Bless you all.

I know it is a good sign that the Kingman Regional Medical Center COVID Clinic is closing. I want to express how helpful they were to my family for vaccinations. The staff was amazing. God bless you!

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers gets JFK Profile in Courage award – Bravo Speaker Bowers! He did the right thing for the right reasons. Let’s all hope his example helps other legislators to understand that the Constitution and our democracy are more important than party affiliation or personal ideology.

Arizona judge nixes suit that seeks to keep Trump election fraud backers off ballot – The judge was partisan when dismissing the complaint against Gosar, Biggs and Finchem, allowing them to remain on the ballot. Any person who supported the Jan. 6 insurrection doesn’t deserve a government position. They deserve a cell.

Hundreds of residents voice concerns about dust from agriculture – The dust from dirt roads should also be concerning to residents. Local governments should stop issuing building permits for construction which is located on dirt roads, or require the contractors to pave.

Has anyone else noticed the mess at our local golf course? Between the addition of disc golfers, people on the course with dogs and the other day witnessing two clowns driving carts onto the tee boxes and onto the putting greens, it’s a mess.

What ever happened to self-quarantine with COVID? I met this person the other day through a neighbor, and was told to keep a distance as he tested positive for COVID-19. Why was he still out and about? Not very responsible. No wonder we can’t get rid of it.

Russians try to storm Mariupol steel plant – There is no punishment too great for Putin. Hanging would work for me. Sadly, Biden helps Ukraine, but turns a blind eye to his open U.S. border.

Zelenskyy to receive JFK Profile in Courage Award – Well deserved, indeed. What leadership! Pray for Ukraine, and let’s stand with them.

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