Rants and Raves | August 3, 2022

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William Ressegue letter: Protecting the border isn’t racist – In a recent Letter to the Editor, William Ressegue called the Democratic Political Party the Progressive Socialist Democrat Party. In fairness, I hope the Miner will print the equivalent for the Republican Political Party – Trump’s Fascist Republican Party.

Carl Golden column: It’s time for GOP to break from Trump – Amazing amount of lies here. The election was stolen. Golden would know if he bothered looking. Trump achievements were miraculous; he’ll run, he’ll win and work righting our ship, again, because he loves America. Biden should be jailed.

China’s Xi warns Biden over Taiwan – Perhaps Biden should remind Xi we don’t appreciate China buying up tons of American farmland including Smithfield’s and always next to a U S military base, one a drone base. Perhaps Walmart, etc. should find some U.S. products to sell.

No privacy rant – I, too, resent neighbors’ trampolines allowing them to peer over our 6-foot privacy wall into our backyard. I feel we cannot exercise full enjoyment of our property. High-profile vehicles including school buses passing by also make me cringe.

No privacy rant – Was the trampoline there when you moved in? If yes, maybe you should have moved to an “adult-only” subdivision. Kids have a right to play in their own yards.

“Mayor Miles to resign” rant – Mayor Miles didn’t create any of the issues this writer stated. In fact, the mayor is not responsible for planning and zoning. Jen Miles gave her all, and actually cared about this community, far more than many residents do!

Michael Regan: Who got America into this mess – Once again, Michael Reagan strikes at dividing this country by party and naturally blaming Democrats for everything bad under the sun. Really? What an obviously partisan column, and the Miner just seems to love this political one–sided hack.

Michael Regan: Who got America into this mess – Reagan nailed it, blaming Obama who incidentally deliberately picked Biden as VP knowing he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer; easy to blame. Let’s also not forget that Obama’s father being born in Africa made him an illegal POTUS.

Mohave County COVID-19 reports will now be monthly – This is an irresponsible move by county officials to keep vital information from the public, with a new COVID strain sweeping the country. County supervisors have consistently and deliberately repressed COVID information for political and ideological reasons, endangering residents’ lives.

All the political signs posted around Kingman makes the city look trashy, especially on the corner of Andy Devine Avenue and Stockton Hill Road by Walgreens. Let’s keep the city classy, not trashy.

Trial called off in case of boy starved to death – You have to wonder what is really wrong with parents/grandparents who lock their children up and starve them to death. This isn’t an isolated case. I suggest if you see something conspicuous, report it just in case.

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