Rants and Raves | August 5, 2022

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Mohave County Supervisors revisit conduct after inquiry hurts feelings – Supervisor Jean Bishop’s question to Supervisor Travis Lingenfelter was likely on the mind of more than one constituent, including myself. Lingenfelter saying “I’m not going to make this bigger than it needs to be” certainly backfired and exposed a thin-skinned underbelly.

No privacy rant – Build a higher wall.

Drugs in the community - So, what’s it going to take for KPD to start busting these drug dealers? Almost looks like the streets of Chicago. So what’s it going to take to clean up the community?

Pelosi Goes To Taiwan – How convenient that Nancy decides to go as her husband just got a serious drunk driving charge and they both got caught about to make a huge bundle on insider trading. They quickly dumped it. A wizard at tricks.

Obama’s father born in Africa rant – Someone just claimed since Obama’s father was born in Africa, this made him an illegal POTUS. The dumbing down of the U.S. has been a success! I bet that writer would support Ted Cruz as POTUS.

Golden letter response – Once again for those in the back, the election was not stolen. This has been proven over and over. Alex Jones is facing punishment for his lies on Sandy Hook. Time for all the BIG LIE supporters to face same.

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