Letter | Griner’s big day

Today was the big day for Brittney Griner.

I have mixed opinions/feelings on this one. Did she make a dumb mistake? Yes, she did.

Should she spend nine years in prison for it? Certainly not.

I must say that our government has reacted in a questionable manner, to say the least. To even consider some kind of prisoner swap seems way out of line.

I understand she is not the only American currently occupying Russian prisons. Should she get special treatment because she is a celebrity of sorts? That is a “no” for sure.

Referring to her as being innocent is yet another stretch. She never claimed that the drug was planted, and admitted her guilt from day one.

Why am I now left wondering if she will receive a true hero welcome when she comes back?

Something is so wrong with this whole thing, and the way it has been reported. It just leaves me squinting my eyes and shaking my head.

Linda Varon


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