Letter | Prove it

From about the third grade when people talked crap you said “prove it.” We have half this country that can’t say prove it. Why?

For 245 years our elections have been safe and secure ran by loyal citizens regardless of party affiliation. The big lie is a con job hatched by Trump as the way to steal our country.

The Republicans know the people want public servants to work for us, unlike the airheads that only care about their title and lobby money. The only agenda they have is to end Social Security and Medicare in five years, along with our right to vote and civil rights.

Now they have their packed Supreme Court to get away with it. To this very day not one ounce of proof of election fraud has been found by this fascist party but it’s proven to be a gateway to put election deniers in office to cheat.

As always, the more they accuse others is a deflection as to what they plan themselves. Now we have Governors, Attorneys General and Secretary of States running for office in, surprise, only the swing states, so they can overturn the next presidential election.

We must beat down these people and their lies in order to save our country and our very freedom.

Andy Worth


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